Afternoon Tea with Neil Dawson on Level8ight!

DUE TO COVID 19, we are postponing this event, so please stay safe and follow the Government Guidelines

Westover Gallery are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase two unique seascape editions of Bournemouth by one of the country’s leading cityscape artists at a special afternoon tea hosted by Level 8 with the artist, Neil Dawson, in attendance on 29th March 2020.Watch and listen to the life of Neil Dawson by the artist himself, see his technique first hand as he demonstrates his paint strokes on the canvas as he discusses with his audience what inspires him and drives his passion painting the beautiful cities and landmarks of the world.

Having grown up with a love for art, nurtured at school and at St Martins College in London, he forged a successful career in the City, loving the buzz of the streets especially at night with headlights lights reflected on wet tarmac, the energy of London buses and buildings reflected in the moonlit Thames.

Reading newspapers and seeing images of faraway cities on TV instilled a passion for travel, which in turn became a spring board to creating his stunning artworks. Experiencing new cultures, surroundings and events, he photographed madly and widely and returned home to create amazing and vibrant international cityscapes which had become part of his own life experience. In addition to London these cities include Edinburgh, Paris, New York, Sydney and Venice. Painting in oil, the moods of his work changes from vibrant and dramatic to calm and serene as days unfold into night.

Neil says “I am inspired by the energy and colour of cities. I love to paint iconic architecture and imagery - hoping to spark a connection with the viewer, recreating memories of happy times spent in these dynamic cities”.

Neil looks forward to sharing his views, his techniques, but maybe he will keep some closely guarded secrets, and will happily answer questions during his visit to the wonderful Level 8 Skybar where Neil will be most at home above the magical seaside town of Bournemouth.

Two Unique Editions will be available to pre-order on the day with only 15 available of each which Neil will be able to personalise any dedications with any purchase made. Be one of the first to view these Boutique pieces being unveiled at Level8 Skybar


This Event will be taking place on Sunday 29th of March 2020
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