Bring Your Art To Life With Augmented Reality Artwork by CHAWK&Marot!

It takes a lot of chutzpah and a touch of genius to invent a new genre of art – particularly one that explodes into a full-on performance on your wall. What fun to have the power to bring a two-dimensional portrait to life. Take our word for it - it’ll start a whole new conversation… literally!

The artistic marriage of secretive portrait painter/street artist CHAWK with charismatic music influencer and Head of Island Records Marc Marot, fuses their diverse talents - with spectacular results! Both visual artists in their own right Marot, the creator of animation, music and speech and CHAWK the portrait painter, together they deliver a perfect synthesis.

At a touch, technical mobile App magic allows you to play a soundbite synonymous with the iconic portrait… as you watch and become an actual part of the performance.

The new collaboration collection of British and American Icons including Winston Churchill, Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Phillip and JFK, are painted by CHAWK and augmented by Marc’s technical skills. The finished piece will stop people in their tracks by coming alive at your command.

There is a limited edition of just 45 per piece and you get your hands on your very own moving artwork by viewing the full collection here! 

Posted in News by Kirsty on 16/10/2021
Last Updated : 16/10/2021