Explore the Four Seasons with Kimberley Harris' New Collection

The Four Seasons by Kimberley Harris

This exquisite new collection by Kimberley Harris sees the embodiment of her signature style in the four seasons. The plush hazy greens and peaches of Spring signifies the optimistic sense of new beginnings, whilst the heat of the Summer sun, complemented by clear blue skies, exudes warmth and light in the season of exuberant growth. The muted tones of Autumn, with moody skies denote forthcoming change, whilst the subtle diminished shades, accompanied by hushed earthy hues and the last remanence of blue skies, bring a cool radiance to Winter. Each piece embodies a wonderful sense of emotion and atmosphere. The smooth skies juxtapose with the rich heavy impasto technique of hand embellishment and adds further drama to each composition, which is further reinforced by Kimberley’s courageous use of colour.

Seasons by Kimberley Harris is available in an edition of just 45. Each numbered edition is hand embellished and signed by the artist. These faithful representations combine the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting and offer a unique element to every single collectable edition.

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Posted in News by Kirsty on 03/06/2021
Last Updated : 03/06/2021