Add Some Sparkle To Your Home With 24ct Gold Leaf Artwork by Ben Jeffery

Ben Jeffery has done it again with his new collection of iconic music figures, immortalised in his realistic painting style with a touch of gold leaf glamour.

Following on from the success of his previous Golden Era Collections, this Volume Three edition of three famous faces celebrate pop culture of the last sixty years. Featuring Queen's Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and The Rat Pack, each mesmerising artwork represents an extraordinary homage to the icon that Jeffery has chosen to portray. 

The 24 carot gold leaf is applied by hand to each edition, which offers uniqueness to every piece, and suggests a sense of wealth and luxury afforded by his subjects.  

In his portraiture Jeffery strives to get a strong likeness, but at the same time being aware that he doesn't want the painting to look too perfect, “I find being able to see the paintings process and layered brushstrokes in the artwork makes it more interesting to the viewer”, he says. Ben’s innovative approach brings something completely new to his modern interpretations and sets his portraits apart from those of his contemporaries.

View the full collection and others here. 

Posted in News by Ally on 07/12/2021
Last Updated : 07/12/2021