Frogman Bronzes

Westover Gallery is home to Frogman Bronzes. Frog sculptures are exquisite and are a must have. Pop into our gallery on Westover Road in Bournemouth to view these pieces of art or browse our website to see what we offer. To book a home appointment or private viewing, please call us on 01202 297682.

Frogman Bronzes Collection

Frogman Bronzes are a wonderful collection of sculptures that Westover Gallery is proud to house. Westover Gallery is honoured to have received platinum status which only 1 other gallery in the UK has. We are especially happy to have Tim Cotterill (The Frogman) choosing us to display his Frogman Bronzes.  There are plenty of different sculptures to choose from, all different sizes, colours and style. They are unique, so you’ll be the only person in the world to have that beautiful sculpture on display. There are over a whopping 200 Frogman Bronzes to choose from at The Westover Gallery. They are all well-kept and scratch free. You can request for us to come to your home, so you can see what they look like on your mantle with no obligation and we’ll transport them with extra care, so they look exactly how they were when they were made.

How are Frogman Bronzes Made?

Tim (Frogman) Cotterill initially sketches all his ideas on paper and then creates a silicone mould of them and then they are filled with wax. The wax eventually cools and then is dipped into a ceramic slurry, then immediately into sand and is left to dry for 24 hours.  He repeats the process everyday for a week until eventually there is a thick enough layer of ceramic on the outside. The ceramic is then fired, and the wax falls out of a little hole in the frog and then the frog is left hollow. Molten bronze is then inserted through the little hole at 2000 degrees and left to set. This process can take weeks to set. Once the Frogman Bronze is completely set, it is waiting to have its colour done. Each Frogman Bronze has its own patina which is created using chemicals and intense heat. They are all hand finished by Frogman himself and are all unique, so every frog will have its own special flair. Frogman has also made other sculptures in the forms of:Frogman Bronzes

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About Tim Cotteril

Tim Cotterill was born in Leicester in 1950 and left school at 15 to pursue a career in engineering so started an apprenticeship. From here, he found his love for metal artwork.  During the 70s and the 80s his work began, and he started to make metalworks of vehicles, birds and other animals.  In 1972 he took a trip to California where he found lots of inspiration for his work. As soon as he were able, he made many trips to California until eventually he moved there to further the progression of his work. California gave him the inspiration he needed to make only bronze sculptures and then Frogman Bronzes were born. He dedicates a lot of his time to his work and thoroughly enjoys it, which results in him taking visits at the Westover Gallery, so make sure you check the website frequently to find out when the man himself is visiting Bournemouth.

Delivery at Westover Gallery

Westover Gallery is happy to delivery across the whole of the UK and is free on all orders of £250. Each art is carefully packaged and wrapped to protect from any damage during delivery. Once it arrives please check the contents inside before signing the paperwork. If everything is good, then you can sign the paperwork as good condition. If there is any damage to your Frogman Bronzes, then you can sign it as damaged goods and have it return to us. We try our best to ensure that every item remains intact, but unfortunately, we have no control over the delivery or couriers.

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