Artist Spotlight: Emily Crook

Born in 1996, Emily Crook has always had an intense passion for art. After acquiring her degree in Graphic Design, Emily decided to pivot her life's path dramatically and began creating art full time, in a quest to fully realise her career aspirations, and to tap into her unique creative flair.

Emily's artwork is a careful collision of a few different worlds; street art, pop art, fashion, and the world of animation. She seamlessly interweaves these different mediums into vibrant artwork, instantly recognisable iconography from decades past, entwined with luxury brands and splashes of colour. The backgrounds are created with hand-cut stencils and spray paint, and she then uses acrylics to paint all manner of popular cartoon characters from all eras of animation, from Snow White to Johnny Bravo.

At the age of just 23, Emily's artwork is hanging on the walls of homes and galleries all over the UK. We are fortunate enough to be hosting an exclusive Meet the Artist event with Emily in March, and we were also able to ask her a few questions before her visit to Westover Gallery.

Your work fuses a variety of genres; from where do you draw your inspiration? Are there any specific artists, or a piece that really stoked your creativity?

I’ve always been really interested in street art and pop art, which comes through in my work. My favourite artist is Andy Warhol but there are lots of street/pop artists I like and am inspired by. I also have a heavy interest in fashion and I like to bring that through into the pieces so have the characters wearing the latest trends or brands.

You’ve achieved a level of success that many artists aspire to, and you’ve done it all by the age of 23! Is there something you feel as though you’ve done differently?

I feel extremely lucky to be in this position. Social media played a big part; I began by posting up pieces of my art on Instagram and this allowed a lot of people to see them which created opportunities that I’m very grateful for.

Have you got any plans or ideas for your creative direction in the future?

I’m really enjoying the work I’m creating at the moment and developing as an artist but I’d definitely like to try out some new ideas and techniques in the future.

Your art heavily features iconic cartoon characters. What were your favourite cartoons as a child, and how do you feel they have influenced your creative output?

The Simpsons was my favourite cartoon growing up and I’ve always loved Disney. From a very young age I spent a lot of time drawing these characters and watching the films/TV shows which I think is why they have become such a big influence in my work now. The characters are part of my childhood which has made me able to relate to them in a more creative way which I hope comes across. The fact I’m able to combine these characters with fashion increases my enjoyment in creating the pieces and provides further creative inspiration for me.

We’re incredibly excited for your visit in March; what should we expect from our very first Emily Crook show?

I’m really looking forward to the show and visiting the gallery, you can expect some new characters that I haven’t painted before along with some of the favourites.

Discover Emily Crook's work and meet the artist herself at Westover Gallery on Saturday 14th March 2020. RSVP for more details about the event!

Posted in News by Felix on 14/02/2020
Last Updated : 14/02/2020