Have you visited the Enchanted World of Ryder?

See the Enchanted World of Ryder for yourself at Westover Gallery!

This collection is all about the artwork, with no back-story behind the artist himself. Ryder is no more, no less than a name on a piece of paper. No artist biography to influence your impressions, just the art laid bare. Ryder allows the art to do the talking and for the audience to make their own analogies.

The artwork produced by the mysterious artist is fantasy art which takes the viewer on an imaginary journey. It is more about the viewer than the artist. The artist develops a scenario to unlock the imagination of the viewer and as such, fantasy art pieces have some of the most varied interpretations. Ryder’s art pieces are gateways into his alternate universe where anything is possible. His choice of bright colours and themes make this a cheerful world full of positive energy.

From 12th - 26th November, enjoy a glass of bubbly or a cup of coffee at the Gallery for this Wintery Wonderland!

This Event will be taking place on Friday 12th of November 2021
Posted in Exhibitions by Ally on 17/11/2021
Last Updated : 11/12/2021