Hold My Hand | Kristjana S Williams

Introducing Kristjana’s Latest Artwork - Hold My Hand Skeleton

We are delighted to present the latest addition to Kristjana’s coveted Hold My Hand Skeleton artwork series. This exquisite piece is an artistic exploration of the passing and importance of time. The artwork captures a moment of gentle tenderness, where a simple touch of fingers conveys a powerful connection. This light and natural impulse sends electricity surging down the spine, highlighting the profound emotional resonance between the two figures.


Stripped back to the bare bones of their being, the figures in this piece have only their hearts, their love, and their emotions left. They reach out to one another beneath a cloud burst of anticipation, symbolizing the fleeting nature of time and the uncertainty of what is yet to come. Humankind’s greatest adversary, time, ticks by relentlessly, and these skeletal hands cannot prevent the sands of time from slipping through their grasp.

The artwork is rich with intricate motifs that signify the perpetual passage of time: tiny hourglasses, clock faces, and the very wheels of time gather within the composition. Yet, amidst this symbolism of transience, ethereal creatures swirl busily between the bones, discharging nature’s vital lifeforce. Dragonfly storks, flying lobster dolphins, butterflies, and birds flit about, settling for just a moment but living that moment to its fullest. These elements contrast beautifully with the skeletal forms, adding a layer of vitality and dynamism to the piece.

Secure your piece from this limited edition and add a touch of profound artistry to your collection. Kristjana’s Hold My Hand Skeleton series offers a poignant reflection on love, time, and the essence of human connection, making it a timeless addition to any art lover's home.

Experience the magic and depth of Kristjana’s Hold My Hand Skeleton artwork series today.

Posted in News by Sharron on 30/05/2024
Last Updated : 30/05/2024