We're in the midst of planning an incredibly exciting event with award-winning local artist Jonathan Truss. Initially the event was due to coincide with the 50th annual Earth Day on 22nd April 2020, and we're scheming some amazing things, but you will have to wait until we can all come out to play after COVID-19.

Jonathan Truss, world-renowned wildlife artist, will be joining us at Westover Gallery to paint something for us in the flesh. We have a few more things under wraps, but register here to be the first to hear upcoming details about the event!


About the Artist

Established as one of the UK’s leading wildlife artists, Jonathan Truss is known the world over for his magnificent paintings and drawings. His artwork graces the walls of private residences and corporations from New York to New Zealand, from Botswana to Beverly Hills, demonstrating the broad appeal of both his style and his subject matter.

Supporting the conservation of many endangered species, Jonathan Truss has raised thousands of pounds for wildlife causes. Frequently in the media spotlight, he has made over 100 television appearances and has been featured in many national and international magazines.

“Nothing seems more natural or enjoyable to me than painting wildlife. Nature has already painted its masterpiece… it’s all the inspiration I need!”

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This Event will be taking place on Wednesday 22nd of April 2020
Posted in Exhibitions by Felix on 27/01/2020
Last Updated : 25/06/2020