Oh My Gourd! Check out this new Frogman Sculpture!

This stunning new Frogman Sculpture is called Pumpkin, and certainly lives up to his name!

Sporting an autumnal patina with high-polished accents, Pumpkin is obviously a well-fed toad. Even though we wish we has as many 'Pumpkins' as possible, this is the start of a new direction of bronzes from Tim with a lower edition number, meaning that they will sell out much quicker than ever before. 

Following a thoughtful evaluation Frogman have currently put a stop to any new orders going through the foundry, until further notice. Due to popular demand for these amazing Bronzes, the cost of raw materials rising and some streamlining and retraining at the foundry during the pandemic, this means that all Frogman purchases will need to be from current availability within the gallery only. This release has only been possible due to a number of castings already in production prior to the suspensions to the foundry, making Pumpkin a rare opportunity to get your hands on a new Frogman bronze for Autumn 2021.

Click here to view the full collection of Frogman Sculptures that are currently available at Westover Gallery.

For those of you have been thinking about adding to your collection, or making a purchase for a loved one, now's the time!

Posted in News by Ally on 03/11/2021
Last Updated : 03/11/2021