Rainbow Meets Monochrome In Emma Grzonkowski's Stunning New Limited Edition Prints

Inspired by the heroism and bravery recently endured by humankind since the Covid-19 pandemic, Emma Grzonkowski's newest releases contrast black and white with a varying vibrant colour palette. Each powerful portrait demonstrates different displays of colour and emotion beginning with purely monochrome, to seeing a rainbow in the dark as colour splashes across the subjects eyes.

The dramatic image in "Through The Storm" shines through the black and white colourway of the artwork, whereas the multicolours in "Rainbow In The Dark" cut through the image like a bolt of lightning.

Emma has said that the "inspirations for her work are drawn from the reflection of self experience and her emotive senses" and that her "work is an evolving journey, each painting representing feelings and states of being”.

Bold and intriguing, Emma's portraits certainly exude the human experience in all its complexity whilst simultaneously providing eye-catching beauty to brighten any wall.

Emma's exciting new releases have been embellished by the artist with a limited number of just 25 in each edition. Purchase your Emma Grzonkowski artwork online, over the phone or view in the gallery today!

See Emma G's work here.

Posted in News by Kirsty on 10/08/2021
Last Updated : 10/08/2021