Solo Exhibition by Marina Emphietzi

Join us for a captivating exhibition featuring the evocative works of Marina Emphietzi. Marina's art delves into the profound themes of time, life, and memory, serving as a testament to her life's journey and experiences.

Growing up in a house by the sea in Famagusta, Cyprus, Marina's early years were steeped in the beauty and serenity of coastal life. The trauma of losing her home to war left an indelible mark, one that has found expression through her artistic endeavors. While she did not initially set out to create art centered on specific themes, over the years, Marina discovered that her greatest pleasure and energy in painting came from subjects tied to her cherished childhood memories: water, boats, beaches, marinas, wet stones, and rocks.Marina’s work is characterized by strong tonal forms and a vivid color palette, offering visual representations of inner dialogues and emotions.

These paintings, infused with the essence of time and space, serve as poignant reminders of the past. Each piece becomes a pathway, inviting viewers to explore the deep connections we share with one another and with the natural world.We invite you to immerse yourself in Marina Emphietzi's world, where each artwork is a journey through time, memory, and the universal human experience.

Come and experience the compelling narrative of Marina Emphietzi’s art, where the past and present converge to create a profound visual dialogue.

Posted in News by Sharron on 23/05/2024
Last Updated : 23/05/2024