The depth and intrigue in Chris Rivers' art

We're always on the lookout for incredible art our clients will enjoy at Westover Gallery, and Chris Rivers is one of this year's exciting new artists now available in Bournemouth. An extremely talented abstract artist, when you look closer at Chris's work you'll immediately admire the technical accomplishment.

His abstract paintings contain detailed figurative scenes within each piece. In Last of my Kind cherubs line the brushstrokes as if gathered on the edge of a cloud. Added to the plumes of colour and the muted colour palette, it's a wonderful addition by the artist that's both relaxing and impactful.

A self-taught artist from Manchester, Chris Rivers may have found an appreciation of melding genres from his background in music. His main passion growing up was playing the drums, which led him to being a key member of the rock-metal band Heaven’s Basement for 10 years, taking him all over the world on tour.

"It was during a four-month tour of the U.S in late 2013 I decided to sketch on one of my used drumheads after a show using some sharpie pens," says Chris. "This then happened night after night on tour and ideas about artwork started flooding my mind and I was hooked."

His ideas are unique and creative, with a plethora of hidden details in each piece. With much to interpret from each work, his paintings are a talking point as well as a focal point in an interior.

In late 2016 Chris stepped away from the music business and commit to his artwork full time, putting all of his energy into his paintings. The self-taught artist developed a unique style in that time which is exceptional wherever you place the painting in the room.

"I don’t believe in a right or wrong way with anything creative. I enjoy the process of trial and error and learning things for yourself, it’s the same mentality as I had to playing drums."

We're thrilled to be representing the artist's work, with a new series of limited edition prints available now, expertly framed by our experienced framing department.

It looks like Chris Rivers' foot is firmly in the art world as he steps away from music. It's sure to bring both he and clients much joy in the future.

"I love going into the unknown and painting with a certain amount of not having a plan about where it’ll go."

Posted in News by Simon on 10/10/2019
Last Updated : 10/10/2019