The Enchanted World of Ryder

Join us in the gallery this weekend to explore the Enchanted World of Ryder! 

For the purposes of penetrating the veneer of mystique around Ryder, one must disengage with the author to appreciate text in its truest form.

Ryder has the notion that art should speak for itself and not be altered in the viewer's eye by any preconceptions of where it came from. It is arguable that an artist's name can add value to a piece and as an audience, we constantly have subjectivity imposed upon us.

“My work is inspired by the need to escape from the harsh realities of this world” - Ryder

Ryder takes his notional reference from an essay by the philosopher and literary critic Roland Barnes entitled 'The Death of The Author' from 1967.

Look beyond the constraints of the simple answer that is so often set before us; we should judge everything based on it's own merit.

Due to such a high interest in Ryder's work, we are offering hourly appointment slots and would ask that you call or email us to book yours. This will also enable social distancing allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Enchanted World of Ryder.

Posted in News by Ally on 01/10/2020
Last Updated : 01/10/2020