Akari & Niko | Kristjana S Williams

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Akari & Niko, a limited edition silk print exploration by artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

For years Kristjana has collected books on Japanese woodcuts and silk printing. Everything about the method and style appeals to Kristjana. The graceful graphical sensibilities as well as their personal features and moods. In Kristjana's eyes, no one does silk printing better than the old Japanese artists.

In 1853 four USA ships steamed into the harbour of Uraga and forced Japan to open up their ancient guarded country to the rigour of international trade with hated foreigners. After various internal struggles the Japanese decided to adopt western technology to compete, so the traditional woodcutting and silk printing got replaced by never western methods.

Akari (red cold) and Niko (red child) - Silk print exploration is a very gentle re-imagining of a portrait of a Japanese mother and her child. The Japanese women were famed for their beautiful flawless skin, so whom better to portray this than a white lear parrot. The original of this print is a very delicate silk screen print. The print had to be photographed in order to preserve it, as when it was taken out of the glass frame it started to fall apart.

This wall art piece is a part of a pair of prints complementing each other when hung together. The other complimenting piece is Aoi (strange dependence) - Silk print exploration

Akari & Niko

Limited Edition Silk Print Exploration

Edition Size: 145

Approximate Framed Size - 800mm x 416mm

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