Alecestis | Chuck

By: Chuck
£ 595.00
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This fantastic collection encapsulates the ‘Elysian’ of an imagined world, in which Chuck explores the relationship between the human form and this ‘blissful state’. 

The beauty of the female form is presented adorned with floral elements that form a tapestry of symbolism. The titles are a nod to formidable females that features in Greek mythology, and the strength of womanhood is amplified as she poses with her natural headdress. We observe the harmony between nature and beauty, and the language of flowers, purity, hope, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth is beautifully articulated within each piece, offering a unique voice and identity.

The collection includes Alecestis, Freyja & Pelopia


Hand embellished limited edition on board

Edition size: 45

Framed size: 36" x 30" 

Comes Framed 

*All dimensions are approximate

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