Anode | Bertil Vallien

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BERTIL VALLIEN “I like working with themes. They’re like maxims that might be used to set off a whole chain of events. Glass offers opportunities like no other material. It has everything. It has an inner power of suggestion; it has light, heat and cold. Interior depths have always appe- aled to me more than the outer surface. For me, the blowing room is the centre of everything. It’s like lad- ling matter out of a volcano and watching the glowing lava turn to ice. Knowing the exact moment at which to capture a shift of light or expression and wrench the secret from the glass is what it’s all about.” Bertil Vallien has since 1963 worked at Kosta Glassworks and made himself world famous both as a designer and glass artist. He is internationally renowed, holds several design and art awards, and his work is represented in the most prestigious museums around the world
Design Bertil Vallien • Handmade in Kosta, Sweden Limited edition 60 ex Art no 7520056 530 x 75 x 90 mm € 4.308
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