Astrikur Gullni | Kristjana S Williams

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Technical Specifications

Astrikur Gullni, a stunning limited edition giclee print on paper by Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

A striking art print of a monochrome forest set alight from within by the gilded plumage of an elder-adolescent pair of elongated hoofed ostriches. An evolved descendent of the genus Struthio camelus (the common ostrich) this creature is deceptively agile with a razor-sharp mind and blistering vision to match. Their most recent predecessors’ range had been scaled back to Africa but this Mx. honorific species increasingly roams in family packs under verdant tree canopies which greedily grow back over once barren lands.

Astrikur Gullni

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 175

Small Framed Size: 48.8 x 70.2cms

Medium Framed Size: 64.6 x 94.9cms

Large Framed Size: 86.9 x 129.7cms

Extra Large Framed Size: 110 x 165.8cms

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