Aura | Katy Jade Dobson

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Aura, an absolutely stunning limited edition piece by Katy Jade Dobson.

This peaceful oil painting was created in a warm summer breeze, with an emphasis on areas of serene, next to chaotic little pockets of fluttering beauty. The repetition of butterflies as the subject within this abstract piece is a personal worship of nature and its delicate beauty. Ode to the intricate patterns on the wings, built up from powdered scales to create iridescent and luminescent wingspans that give us so much joy when they flutter by through warm summer days. The colours I chose in particular to harmonise the surreal and dreamlike landscape I created, as well as clash and battle with one another on the canvas, naturally creating textures and marks that as you move closer sometimes turn into butterfly details. This piece was a dream to work on, with the emphasis being on playfulness, joy, serenity and lightheartedness. I worked on it with a looseness of hand and allowed this fluidity lead the way.


Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 45 + 10 APs

Image Size: 32" x 23"

Comes Framed

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