Back To Black (Amy Winehouse) | Ghost

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Technical Specifications
Back To Black (Amy Winehouse)

Unapologetically bold, their mixed media artworks are uniquely embellished and finished with a bespoke spray paint frame, meaning no two pieces are the same.

Ghost focuses on transforming the viewers perspective on an icon or character and reconstructs their subject by manipulating, embellishing and altering the images.

Using digital methods and street art as a source of inspiration, Ghosts' artworks are a nod to the anti-establishment. Inspired by the emotive response of street art, Ghost set out to create unique pieces which celebrate the diversity of urban art.

* Each edition is hand embellished and completely individual so your artwork may differ slightly from the image displayed above. Due to the fragile nature of this artwork, delivery may take longer than usual and may include a charge 

Back To Black  (Amy Winehouse)

Mixed Media Hand Embellished Limited Edition

Deluxe Over Sized 46 x 32"
Edition Size: 5 AP

*Comes in a Custom Frame with Custom Embellishments

*All dimensions are approximate

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