Boutique Series - Winter II | Kealey Farmer

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Boutique Series - Winter II

Introducing the latest masterpiece from the renowned Kealey Farmer Original Boutique Series - "Winter II." This exclusive original, crafted with passion and precision, captures the essence of the season with a breathtaking, enchanting winter theme. As part of the much-loved and highly coveted collection, "Winter II" brings a touch of seasonal magic to Kealey Farmer's exceptional portfolio.

Immerse yourself in the delicate beauty of this artwork, adorned with intricately designed snowflakes that dance across the canvas like frozen poetry. The small red heart add a pop of colour, symbolising warmth and love amidst the frosty landscape. Each stroke of Kealey Farmer's brush is a testament to the artist's commitment to creating unique and cherished pieces.

Boutique Series - Winter II

"Winter II" - Silver theme - Original Artwork:

Resin Finished with Metallic Highlights & 3D Elements, Presented in a white-slipped, double hardwood Grey Frame.

Framed Size: 24" x 9.5"

*All dimensions are approximate