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Technical Specifications

BV Brains,

“For an exhibition several years ago, I created twenty-four glass sculptures in the form of blue heads. I found my inspiration in the story of a young woman, Karolina Olsson, who one winter day in 1876 on her way home across the ice between the mainland and Öland slipped and hit her head. The next morning she woke up, fell asleep again and did not wake up again until 1908. Then her mother was gone, two brothers had drowned, Sweden had separated from Norway. Karolina only remembered a great darkness. And blue men. I have created several heads. One of them is named Karolina.” – Bertil Vallien

BV Brains

Glass Sculptures

Height: 75 mm

Length: 45 mm

Width: 55 mm

Weight: 0.50 kg

*All dimensions are approximate

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