Circular Sjavarsida Horizon | Kristjana S Williams

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Circular Sjavarsida Horizon, a stunning limited edition giclee print by Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

One of a trio of contemporary, Limited Edition fine art prints, inspired by the irresistible, splashy draw of the British seaside holiday. For centuries we have swept, as reliably as seagulls and grains of sand, to bask in the quirky charms of British coastal towns and their surrounding countryside. In these prints, Kristjana casts her artistic eye over the coastlines, forests and rock pools of the counties of Kent in the East and Cornwall in the West. Each scene captures an eclectic snapshot of the many brief moments that merge together to create the holiday state of mind. Whether by the sea or in the woods, closer to nature, our frenetic heads switch off and happily drift into a haze of peace...

Memories of the sea envelop you in this piece as you pause your daily routine to reflect on precious time spent at the water’s edge. Back home after a chaotic and arduous day, a long, comforting bath allows you to drift out of reality and into the open sea, accompanied by a paradoxical floating fire. Catch books on the tide, and let the absorbing narrative transport you to places far away in time and space. Canterbury ravens perch in the foreground, and as urban surroundings recede, nature crowds in. A sting ray becomes a cloud-surfing kite. Palm fronds mingle with droops of bluebells over a carpet of greater celandine, wood sage and pale maids. Purplish hues evoke a serene mood. Here, Kristjana projects the eternal relationship between water and living creatures, explaining the sense of calm and nostalgia people experience in the face of such a vast and open space.‘Circular Sjavarsida Horizon’ forms one of a trio of complementary prints which look stunning when hung together. Complete the trio with 'Circular Sjavarsida Waterfall' and 'Circular Sjavarsida Lighthouse'.Save

Circular Sjavarsida Horizon

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 275

Print size: 66 cm x 66 cm

Framed dimensions:

Square frame: 78 cm x 78 cm x 3.5 cm approximately

Circular frame: 76 cm x 76 cm x 3.5 cm approximately

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*All dimensions are approximate