Couldnae Catch A Cold | Alexander Millar

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Couldnae Catch a Cold is a signed limited edition Giclee print of the original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

Alexander says "back in the day, we were pretty uptight when it came to demonstrations of affection and companionship - especially so for the working men in our community where a gruff, no-nonsense persona was expected.

Watching football matches, going fishing and playing dominoes were pastimes where, amongst the jokes and good natured teasing, the 'gadgie' could maybe let his guard down a bit, sharing his worries, his hopes and his dreams with his best pals.

This painting conveys the impression I have of working men back then, when the activity was only an excuse for a good old blether with a mate. And the title - it refers to what a poor angler an individual might be!"

Everyone needs a mate - especially when you want to exaggerate the size of fish you caught earlier!

Couldnae Catch a Cold

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 295

Framed size: 27" x 31"

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