Dog End Street | Paul James

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Dog End Street

This fabulous hound was discovered by Paul when he was travelling by ship from the UK to America.

The first port of call was Vigo in Northern Spain and whilst Paul was exploring the town, he spotted this wonderful character. Not one to miss an opportunity he asked its owner if he could photograph him.

The urban setting is similar to that found in ‘Urban Gorilla’ and you will notice in the graffiti it does say ‘show me the Gor’.

‘Urban Gorilla’ had the famous inscription ‘the world is full of BAS…’ – although many drew their own conclusions as to what the full phrase might stand for, it is quite possible ‘the world is full of basset hounds’…

He is sometimes referred to as ‘Bertie’ which is a reference to the famous ‘Bassetts’ that make the sweets that you will see scattered on the street that he is sitting on!

If you take a closer look at all the textures and details depicted in the artwork, you will notice how Paul James has depicted each element in the artwork in the most realistic manner yet making it most creative in his iconic urban graffiti style making the artwork quirky and unique.

Dog End Street

Available in 2 Formats:

Limited Edition On Paper 

Edition Size: 125

Framed Size: 41.3" x 34.6"

Limited  Edition Box Canvas 

Edition Size: 125

Framed Size: 40" x 34"

*All dimensions are approximate

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