Flaco | Rare Edition of 30 | Tim Cotterill | Owls

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Technical Specifications

Falco a rare low edition Frogman Bronze

Only 30 in the Edition 

5.5 x 5.5 x 9.5"


Flaco is named after Falco (March 15, 2010 – February 23, 2024) who was a male Eurasian eagle-owl who escaped his long-time enclosure at Central Park Zoo in New York City after someone cut the protective netting in February 2023. Flaco subsequently took up residence in and around Central Park. Flaco's escape attracted significant public and press attention, especially as he was of a species not native to North America. There were concerns for his ability to feed himself after being captive for so long, since he had not needed to fly or hunt, but he was seen successfully catching and eating rats a week after his escape. Attempts to recapture Flaco failed and a petition circulated advocating that he remain free. Zoo officials ceased attempts to recapture him once it became clear he was eating on a regular basis and his flying skills improved.

*All dimensions are approximate

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