Fram Eg Sendi Flotan Minn - Sea-Born Tree | Kristjana S Williams

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Fram Eg Sendi Flotan Minn - Sea-Born Tree, a stunning limited edition print by Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

The sea has sailed up to the sky in Kristjana’s contemporary, ocean-inspired art tree print. The tree is grounded yet drifts amidst billowing clouds, giving the impression of a cradle being rocked by the wind. Upheld by elegant black branches is an animated fiesta of sealife. A fuschia pink crab grabs delightedly at the air with its pincers. Fantastical eel fish, parrot fish, and stingrays, in hues of blue and violet, wrap their bodies around vast ships’ sails,dancing to strains of an old Icelandic lullaby. Crested seabirds call out; insightful eyes beneath the plumage contemplating the vastness of both the sky above them and the ocean below. Two swinging clocks evoke the passage of time, from the long-lost past to the distant future. All corners of the earth are indicated by miniature compasses pointing North, South, East or West.

The beauty of this piece is provided by its simplicity of form. There are far fewer elements than Kristjana habitually uses in her tree prints: Kristjana overcame this challenge to create this understated and yet highly impactful design.

‘Fram Eg Sendi Flotan Minn’ is a line from an Icelandic lullaby:

Ef tig langar eitthvert sinn

ogn ad smakka godfiskinn

fram eg sendi floan minn

skinandi skutur og kugga

If you ever would like

to taste a tiny bit of the good fish

I will send my fleet to sea

shining sailboats and fishing boats.

Fram Eg Sendi Flotan Minn - Sea-Born Tree

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 275

Print sizes:

M - 55 cm x 65.5 cm

L - 80 cm x 95.2 cm

XL - 110 cm x 130.9 cm

Framed dimensions:

M - 67 cm x 77.5 cm x 3.5 cm approximately

L - 92 cm x 107.2 cm x 3.5 cm approximately

XL - 122 cm x 142.9 cm x 5.5 cm approximately

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