Freddie Mercury - Original | Keith Maiden

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Freddie Mercury - Original

A stunning original featuring Freddie Mercury. Keith Maiden's artwork is known for its ability to provoke thought and tell captivating stories. One such striking piece portrays Freddie Mercury, the legendary singer, adorned in medieval garb.

This fusion of popular culture and historical imagery creates a visually captivating composition that intrigues and engages viewers. Through his unique approach, Maiden encourages contemplation and invites us to delve into the intricacies of society and the human condition presented in his art.

A regal looking Freddie wearing a ‘Ruff’ which was a Symbol of status and wealth during the Renaissance period. He is holding a miniature gold crown and has a gold ring with the letter Q (a gentle nod to him being the lead singer with the band Queen).

Freddie Mercury - Original


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