Fuckity Fuck | Alex Echo

By: Alex Echo
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Technical Specifications

Recognising a mistake, a mishap or a set back, brush yourself down with a 'Fuckity Fuck' and move on to your onward journey with changes that you can make for the better.   If you haven't harmed anyone, then no harm done.

Life offers it's ups and downs and words offer their healing properties to help overcome them; but expression to use the narrative at the right time elevates the spirit and turns the negative into a positive and then a new journey is born.

Artist Alex Echo is an International artist and has many accolades to his name.

Medium:             Limited edition Giclee on ragged edge paper, float framed in a white frame.   Hand signed by the artist.

Edition Size:       45 plus 5AP

Image Size:        23.5" x 31.5"

Framed Size:      27" x 35"

*All dimensions are approximate