George | Studio Edition

£ 995.00
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Joe Galindo's latest collection, "Wild Hearts," is a mesmerizing showcase of his talent and passion for capturing the essence of wild souls. In this series, Galindo delves into the depths of nature to spotlight three remarkable creatures: a chimpanzee, a tiger, and a great white shark.

With his signature expressive and colorful abstract style, Galindo magnifies the unique personality of each animal, inviting viewers into their world and igniting a sense of wonder and connection. Through intricate brushstrokes and vibrant hues, he brings these creatures to life, infusing his artwork with a powerful sense of emotion and energy.

"Wild Hearts" is more than just a collection of paintings—it's an immersive experience that aims to evoke a deep emotional response and foster a profound connection between the viewer and the natural world. Galindo's dedication to his craft shines through in every piece, inviting us to celebrate the untamed beauty of these wild souls.

Limited Edition on Board 

Image Size: 30 x 30" 

Framed Size: 38 x 38" 

Edition Size of 50 

£995 (Framed) 

Comes in a white frame 

*All sizes are approximate and may vary 

*All dimensions are approximate

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