Hamilton - Artist Proof | Tim Cotterill

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Technical Specifications

Hamilton - Artist Proof edition of Hamilton, a stunning bronze Frogman sculpture by Tim Cotterill.

Hamilton, an absolutely stunning solid bronze limited edition sculpture by Tim Cotterill.Hamilton, Tim Cotterill’s thirteenth owl sculpture, is a most welcome and complementary addition to the Parliament. The rich mahogany hues of the head and body transition seamlessly to the tawny-toned, feathery wings. A high polished, furrowed brow further enhances this dramatic use of patina-ensuring Hamilton’s position in the iconic Cotterill Parliament.

Hamilton - Artist Proof

Limited Edition Solid Bronze Sculpture

Edition Size: 50

Sculpture Size: 9.5" x 6.5" x 5.75"

Released in 2020

*All dimensions are approximate