He Remembers | Kealey Farmer

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He Remembers 

Introducing the exquisite Kealey Farmer Hand-Embellished Artwork, a captivating masterpiece that captures the essence of remembrance and tranquility. Fresh for Autumn 2023, this unique piece, titled 'He Remembers,' portrays a person seated amidst a breathtaking collection of poppies on the iconic British flag.

Kealey Farmer's distinctive style and meticulous attention to detail shine through in this hand-embellished artwork. Each stroke of the artist's hand adds depth and emotion, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer. The composition, featuring a figure surrounded by vibrant poppies against the backdrop of the Union Jack, evokes a profound sense of reflection and connection to history.

Perfectly timed for autumn, 'He Remembers' brings warmth and richness to your living space, making it a poignant addition to your collection. The vivid colors of the poppies contrast beautifully with the British flag, symbolizing both the beauty and sacrifice associated with remembrance.

He Remembers 

Hand Embellished Limited Editions:

Floated, Deckled Edge embellished print with 3D resin coated glass elements. Both paper and glass embellishments are unique & carried out by the artist individually.

Limited Edition Size: 45 + 5 AP's

Limited Framed Size: 29" x 17"

*All dimensions are approximate