Heima A Froni | Kristjana S Williams

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Heima A Froni, a circular map giclee print by Kristjana S Williams.

This stunning skyline of Reykjavik and beyond, celebrates the incredible architecture of the city and includes some of Kristjana's favourite motifs, all composed beautifully to marry the man made with the natural. A magical snow cat carries a tiny bird on its back, ready to show the viewer around this rich and fascinating Island. The iconic Hallgrimskirkja, the highest building in downtown Reykjavik, dominates the skyline of the capital, while hiding behind its impressive walls, a giant Kraken-esque octopus. A trio of lighthouses frame the church - Svortuloft commands the eye in vibrant orange, a stingray flying slowly above its cupola, floating in the sky like an aurora. Dyrhólaey marks the southernmost point of the Icelandic mainland, where a tiny puffin greets a silvery fish, navigating the icy waters. Garðskagaviti sits at the highest point of the Reykjanes Peninsula. With its red and white stripes, it’s considered to be one of the most picturesque lighthouses in the country. The government building, a former prison, provides the backdrop for an enormous book, as well as a tiny elf house. Stories of Yggdrasil and Norse mythology stream from this Poetic Edda, reaching the Odin ravens flying overhead, surveying the mystical creatures below. The National Museum stands next to a legendary hotdog stand, commendably ignored by a large wolf. It's Fenrir, looking into the horizon, a counterpoint to a giant headdressed raven marking the opposite end of the island, where a pile of glacial rocks frame Kristjana's Grandad's fishing boat, bound for the icy waters.

“It Lies in the Eyes Upstairs” - An Introduction from Afar is a brand new collection of iconic artwork that celebrates the spirit and beauty of Kristjana’s native Iceland.

Limited Edition Giclee print on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm, signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition Size: 215

Print Size: 118.9 cm x 46.4 cm

Framed Size: 130.9 cm x 58.4 cm x 3.5 cm

*All dimensions are approximate

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