Hopes and Dreams | Alexander Millar

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Hopes and Dreams, a truly gorgeous piece available as a limited edition print by Alexander Millar.

A word from the artist:

"As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved balloons. When the rag and bone man came around the village asking for people to throw out their old clothes, I would be there clutching what my mum deemed beyond repair and I would stand there expectantly hoping for my prize. Now that prize came in two forms, one was a cheap plastic windmill which was pretty boring for you were limited what you could do with it apart form wait for a gust of wind to come round and watch the thing whizz around or you could send yourself into a fit of hype ventilation huffing and puffing with all your might to get the thing to go round. But with a balloon the possibilities were endless. You could play slow motion, well practically everything. Slow motion football, tennis, keepie up, volleyball and the list went on and on, my imagination would run amok with ideas, all of which would be played within the confines of my hallway."

Hopes and Dreams

Limited Edition Giclee Print in 2 Sizes

Edition Size: 295

Small Edition

Mounted Size: 16" x 19"

Large Edition

Mounted Size: 22" x 25"

Comes Framed

*All dimensions are approximate

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