House Party | Emma Gibbons | Original

£ 4000.00
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Technical Specifications

Images are for sample purposes only and final artwork may differ slightly as each piece is lovingly hand made

Have a little fun at your house party with this glittery artwork by contemporary artist Emma Gibbons sure to bring a sparkle to your home!

Unlock the Mystique: Discover Emma's Intriguing Artistic Journey Born into a lineage of Cornish pirates and smugglers, Emma's fascination with treasures and mischievous exploits ignited from a tender age.

Delving into the realm of artistry, she meticulously crafts captivating artworks from miniature, hand-crafted components, often incorporating exotic, precious, and occasionally illicit materials.Steering her creative prowess, Emma embarked on a remarkable journey, serving under the tutelage of acclaimed artist Damien Hirst for an impressive tenure of 7 years.

Her contributions spanned the installation and exhibition of Hirst's iconic masterpiece, the diamond-encrusted skull, 'For The Love of God', during its groundbreaking UK unveiling at the prestigious White Cube Gallery in London. Additionally, she lent her artistic finesse to the Chapman Brothers, contributing to the creation of their monumental installation, 'Fucking Hell'.Emma's artistic footprint extends far and wide, gracing the stages of prominent International Art Fairs such as Scope LA, Art Central Hong Kong, and Affordable Art Fairs in cultural hubs like London, NYC, and Amsterdam. Her works have garnered recognition at esteemed institutions like London's Institute of Contemporary Art, while also earning accolades in publications like Time Out Magazine and The Guardian Gift Guide.

Her creations have found homes in the collections of distinguished personalities worldwide, including Zoe Ball, Dawn French, and Margot Robbie, testament to the universal allure of her artistic ingenuity. Embark on a journey through Emma's enigmatic world, where every piece tells a tale of adventure, intrigue, and boundless creativity."

House Party

Original Artwork 

40 x 40" 

£4000 framed

*All dimensions are approximate