A Troubled Mind Of An Artist | Ghost

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A Troubled Mind Of An Artist

With the endless disruption of the rather polarising "Just Stop Oil" group filling our news & media outlets in recent weeks and months - the activists themselves have a rather mixed agenda when it comes to their protests and attention seeking stunts.

The reckless vandalization of the famous Van Gogh "Sunflowers"painting was a particularly bizarre way of trying to further their cause in the press - by throwing tinned Soup over the artwork and gluing their hands to the gallery wall.... Ghost have cleverly come up with their own tongue in cheek response to the protest & the protestors in general, resulting in some very cool artwork that brings some humour to the discussion....

A Troubled Mind Of An Artist

Bespoke Embellished Editions on Canvas in Swept Frames

Deluxe Edition

Edition Size: 5 

Framed Size: 47 x 35"

Standard Edition

Edition Size: 23

Framed Size: 45 x 32"

*All dimensions are approximate

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