Letter Spectrum - Hvitt Alphabet | Kristjana S Williams

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Letter Spectrum - Hvitt Alphabet, a fantastic limited edition print on paper by Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

Engage with the elegant art of typography and simultaneously exhibit a prominence of European cities on your walls. From the prayer-calling minarets of Istanbul in the East to the Atlantic-swept harbours of Lisbon in the West, Kristjana discloses an experience of the cities’ climatic tendencies, their impermanent skylines, their hues, their worn iconic sights and their living shadows too.

Whilst studying at Central Saint Martin’s, Kristjana came to appreciate how seemingly subtle adjustments within typography, in fact, have a profound influence on the world around them.

A contemporary, light, bright, snowdrift white, Full Alphabet print. One for the purists among you; let the city of letters take centre stage.

A is for Athens [Αθήνα]

B is for Brussels [Bruxelles/ Brussel]

C is for Copenhagen [København]

D is for Dublin [Dublin]

E is for Eindhoven [Eindhoven]

F is for Florence [Firenze]

G is for Glasgow [Glasgow]

H is for Helsinki [Helsinki]

I is for Istanbul [İstanbul]

J is for Jersey [Jersey]

K is for Kiev [Kyiv]

L is for Lisbon [Lisboa]

M is for Munich [München]

N is for Naples [Napoli]

O is for Oslo [Oslo]

P is for Paris [Paris]

Q is for Quimper [Quimper]

R is for Rome [Roma]

S is for Stockholm [Stockholm]

T is for Turin [Torino]

U is for Utrecht [Utrecht]

V is for Venice [Venezia]

W is for Warsaw [Warszawa]

X is for Reykjavik [Reykjavík]

Y is for York [York]

Z is for Zagreb [Zágreb]

Letter Spectrum - Hvitt Alphabet

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 195

Small Framed Size: 49.8 x 70.2cms

Medium Framed Size: 66 x 94.9cms

Large Framed Size: 88.8 x 129.7cms

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*All dimensions are approximate