Live and Let Die 1973 Re-Bond | Embellished Studio Edition

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Linda Charles' lifelong dream of re-bonding the classic movies of James Bond has truly blossomed into a remarkable journey, one that exceeds expectations with each new piece unveiled year after year. What began as a personal passion project has evolved into a captivating tribute to the enduring legacy of the Bond series. From meticulously depicting the actors who brought 007 to life, to capturing the essence of each film's theme tune through artistic expression, Linda's creations are nothing short of extraordinary.

Each piece in Linda's Re-Bond collection is a testament to her dedication and reverence for the Bond franchise. The attention to detail, from the title of the film to the subtle nuances that define its essence, showcases Linda's deep appreciation for the iconic series. And while the focus may be on the modern era of Bond, Linda's homage extends to the classics as well, including the 1973 masterpiece, "Live and Let Die."

The scale of interest in Linda's work is a testament to the universal appeal of James Bond and the enduring fascination with the world of espionage, intrigue, and adventure that he inhabits. Through her art, Linda not only reimagines iconic moments from the films but also reignites the excitement and nostalgia that the Bond series has evoked for generations. Linda Charles' Re-Bond collection stands as a true celebration of the Bond legacy, captivating audiences and honoring the timeless allure of 007.

Limited Edition Giclée on Paper forming part of the studio collection which has been embellished by hand and signed by the artist.  

Edition Size 45

Image Size  18" x  25" 

Framed Size  28" x 35" (Black slim Frame)

Framed Price £695.00

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