Mirage Vase | Göran Wärff

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Technical Specifications

Mirage Vase, a unique glassware series by artist Göran Wärff as part of the Kosta Boda collection.

Mirage is a decorative object as well as a vase with warm colors reflecting as a spectrum in the soft round shapes. The pieces are masterfully made in Kosta with an angled pipe to create the curved shapes and a zoom technique is used for the different colors. After cooling, Mirage pieces are finished by skilled, experienced grinders. Thus, a Mirage is made.

About The Artist

“The glowing glass in the oven entices me to explore. Each gather renews my desire to convey the experience of the magic of glass. To make a piece of glass as a carrier of light, sea and air. I want to create a home for light, for warmth and for sensuality.”

Few artists have the intuition for glass possessed by Göran Wärff, who has always treasured classical, masterful expertise in glassblowing and grinding. The play of light within the depths of clear glass and the endless optical illusions produced as the glass breaks light are frequent themes of his productions. Beyond glass itself, his primary sources of inspiration are nature and the play of light within it.

Mirage Vase

Kosta Boda Glass

Blue/Brown H210

Height: 210 mm Width: 145 mm Weight: 2.78 kg

Blue/Brown H310

Height: 310 mm Width: 160 mm Weight: 6.04 kg

Blue/Amber H210

Height: 210 mm Width: 145 mm Weight: 3.10 kg

Green/Blue H210

Height: 210 mm Width: 145 mm Weight: 3.10 kg

Grey/Red H155

Height: 155

*All dimensions are approximate