Moet Moments | Jessie Foakes

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Technical Specifications

Moet Moments

A new Studio Edition as a part of Jessie's new Loving Life Collection!

The sculptural quality to her work is rich and luxurious, and this is juxtaposed with the simplicity of the subject. Here lies the essence of Jessie’s style and the joy of her work; she has chosen three well-known luxury brands that have become everyday icons in popular culture and has approached them with a fresh new vision.  The interpretation is both stylistically unique and endearing. Bold, unstructured, and energised, Jessie’s work has a magical quality that offers the viewer an overwhelming sense of positivity and fun!

Moet Moments

Studio Edition On Canvas

Edition Size: 25

Image Size: 90 x 30 cm

Framed Size: 104 x 44 cm

*All dimensions are approximate

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