Mount Kayla - Original | Andrew Craig

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Technical Specifications

Mount Kayla - Original 

Andrew Craig is a gifted artist whose work is a mesmerizing exploration of the abstract and the natural world, often centering around majestic mountains. In his latest creation, he invites viewers on a journey into the heart of a mountainous landscape, but with a surreal twist. Here, a mountain rises boldly from the canvas, its imposing form cloaked in an otherworldly atmosphere. The mountainscape is encircled by swirling, verdant clouds, casting a dreamlike and ethereal ambiance. Craig's unique vision not only captures the sheer grandeur of the mountain but also adds a poetic layer of mystery, inviting contemplation on the intersection of reality and imagination. His ability to infuse the natural world with abstract allure is a testament to his artistic brilliance and a captivating exploration of the untamed beauty found in the realm of mountains.

Mount Kayla - Original 

Medium: Original Oil On Canvas

Image Size 23.6" x 31.5"

Framed Size 27.5" x 35.5"

*All dimensions are approximate