My Wide Life Gabba | Various Colours and Sizes

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My Wide Life

- Ludvig Löfgren

Monkey around? Absolutely! Add vibrancy to your home with this opaque black glass sculpture from Kosta Boda. Despite the block colour on the surface, My Wide Life Gabba is still reflective in all its magnificence. 

Ludvig Löfgren, born 1972, joined  Kosta in 2007 and has since designed everything from skulls to a bowl- and vase collection for Kosta Boda. He often find inspiration from animals, nature, rock, tattoo art and horror movies. This has proven to be a good source of inspiration to focus on, because it was his tealight holders in the shape of skulls that made Ludvig famous.

One could say he really hit the nail on the head.Ludvig has a lot of experience with different manufacturing techniques, which he’s learnt by spending a lot of time in the blowing studio. His education as a glassblower and craftsman he’s gotten from Kosta- and Orrefors glass school, and he also has a degree from Hovedskous Painting school and the University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack).

“My attitude to glass is sensitive, passionate and enduring. I describe moods and emotional states using references from history and the present. The mass gives me the opportunity to be sculptural and painterly at the same time. Glass can be seductive, beautiful, soft and compliant to work with - but at the same time hot, intense and challenging.” – Ludvig Löfgren

My Wide Life 

Handmade in Kosta, Sweden.

Design by Ludvig Löfgren.

5 Colour Variations and a choice of two sizes 

Large Size H: 12" x L 8" x W8"


*All dimensions are approximate