Oliu Heimur - Art print collection (1618 Flemish Master)| Kristjana S Williams

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Technical Specifications

Oliu Heimur - Taste it - 1618 Flemish Master, a limited edition giclee print by artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

A dark and mystical wall art. Kristjana's take on a Flemish Masters' oil painting. The Flemish painters were masters of the oil medium and used it primarily to portray a robust and realistically detailed vision of the world around them. Kristjana brings this 'Oil world' into the modern day by redesigning it into a digital art collage with her mystical creatures and interesting elements woven into the original oil world.

This print is a part of a trilogy of prints which compliment each other when hung together. The other two prints are: Oliu Heimur - Look Closer and Oliu Heimur - Listen In. The trilogy also comes in a diorama paper theatre.

Oliu Heimur - Taste it - 1618 Flemish Master

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper

Edition Size: 175

Approximate Framed Size - 545mm x 360mm

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