ORCHID – A series by Göran Wärff

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Technical Specifications

ORCHID – A series by Göran Wärff

Göran Wärff uses warm amber and lilac hues to give us another Kosta Boda classic. The vases and dish are handmade and unique of their kind. My vases are blown with an asymmetric pipe with the purple and amber cased on one side. The master craftsmen gives a gentle puff and a slant to the shape before knocking it off the blowpipe. After the annealing the master cutter gives the finish to the neck and the bottom, in three stages. A truly handcrafted crystal object. The vases in ORCHID are inspired by studies of botany around me on my native island Gotland. Orchids in late spring are all around and full of magic, when looking close. - Göran Wärff

Orchid Amber/Lilac Vase is available in two sizes.

The smaller size is 290mm x 130mm and the larger size is 370mm x 150mm.

*All dimensions are approximate