Pieces of My Life | Original | TBOY x Danny Rampling

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Technical Specifications

'Pieces of My Life' TBOY x Danny Rampling Edition is made in collaboration with the original superstar DJ Danny Rampling. 

Danny Rampling was a huge influence on the house music and rave scene and one of the original pioneers of acid house and the Balearic beat which he introduced from Ibiza after returning and founding the Shroom Club. 

Made with 36 squares of cut board to create 3D pieces of sculpture, collage, graffiti, paintings and drawings, each piece is an influential moment in his life. Each one of the 5 Original Pieces are unique. 

The first piece is owned by Danny Rampling and the 5th piece will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity of his choice. 

The other 3 pieces are all signed by the DJ personally

22" x 22" 


Signed by TBOY and Danny Rampling

Framed with Non Reflective Glass

*All dimensions are approximate

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