Plastic Oceans | Marina Emphietzi-Harris

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Technical Specifications

Plastic Oceans, a beautiful original abstract in oil by artist Marina Emphietzi-Harris.

A word from the artist:

"I grew up in a house by the sea in Famagusta, Cyprus, a home I lost in the trauma of war, and, although I didn’t set out to produce art about anything specific, as my portfolio developed over the years I realised that the pleasure and energy I was getting from painting was when I focused on water, boats, beaches, marinas, wet stones and rocks, subjects emanating from childhood memories of my early life by the sea. Using strong tonal forms and a vivid colour palette my paintings are visual representations of conversations and inner feelings. Infused in time and space they act as a reminder of what has happened in the past. These moments become pathways for understanding the connections we share as humans with each other and with the natural world that surrounds us."

Plastic Oceans

Original Oil on Boxed Canvas

Canvas Size: 24" x 24"

*This piece comes unframed, please contact us with any framing enquiries

*All dimensions are approximate

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