Seated Nude I | Shaun Othen

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Seated Nude I 

A beautiful limited edition by the amazing Shaun Othen. 

Shaun Othen, an artist celebrated for his ability to straddle the realms of figurative and abstract art, has crafted an extraordinary limited edition piece that captivates the senses. In this alluring composition, a nude woman is seated with her back turned to the viewer, her form exuding an ethereal blend of sensuality and mystery. Her arm gracefully drapes above her head, adding an element of poetic gesture to the scene. Against a backdrop of dark green and purple, the artist conjures an atmosphere of intrigue and introspection. This enigmatic color palette not only evokes a sense of lush opulence but also accentuates the profound emotional depth within the artwork. Shaun Othen's creation not only mesmerizes the observer but invites them to explore the rich tapestry of human emotion and the delicate balance between form and abstraction. This limited edition piece stands as a testament to Othen's artistic prowess and his remarkable ability to evoke thought and emotion through his masterful brushstrokes.

Seated Nude I 

Medium: Limited Edition 

Image Size: 36.2" x 29.9" 

Edition Size: 45

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