Sugar Dandy Coupe Glass | Kosta Boda

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Technical Specifications

Sugar Dandy Coupe Glass, from the beautiful Kosta Boda Swedish glassware range. Available in a few colours.

Sugar Dandy was designed according to Åsa Jungnelius’ vision of a set table.

“My inspiration for this series comes from the fashion world. I want to contribute to the opportunity to add an individual, colorful and personal touch to our homes. With this series, I want to break down traditional rules and etiquette by creating aesthetically appealing pieces that allow for unique table settings. I’ve created Coupe in an oversized format, which makes for a ceremonious occasion each time these glasses are brought out. It also takes a little concentration to drink sparkling wine from them.” – Åsa Jungnelius

Sugar Dandy Coupe Glass 

Kosta Boda Glassware

Height: 125mm

Width: 140mm

Weight: 0.36kg

Available in green, blue or pink

*All dimensions are approximate