The Reef - Original | Alison Johnson

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The Reef - Original

"The Reef," a captivating masterpiece by the extraordinary abstract artist Alison Johnson, is a vibrant symphony of color and form that invites viewers to embark on a visual journey on the ocean's surface. Johnson's expert use of bold, swirling brushstrokes and a rich palette of blues and greens, creates a dynamic composition that mirrors the intricate beauty of a reef. As the eye explores the depths of this abstract masterpiece, one can almost feel the rhythmic sway of the underwater world and the kaleidoscope of life it houses. "The Reef" is a testament to Johnson's ability to infuse energy and wonder into her work, leaving us mesmerized by the boundless creativity of the natural world.

The Reef - Original 

Medium: Original Oil 

Image Size: 39" x 39" 

Framed Size: 51" x 51" 

*All dimensions are approximate