Trunky | Original | Framed size 32" x 35"

By: Zalini
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Step into the vibrant and dynamic world of "Trunky," an original artwork by the acclaimed artist Zalini.

Known for his distinctive 3D scribble style, Zalini brings to life an enchanting portrait of a disco elephant that is both captivating and full of personality.

While Zalini has painted many portraits, his passion for nature shines through in his anthropomorphic pieces, where animals are imbued with human-like qualities and charisma.

"Trunky" exemplifies Zalini's innovative approach, combining bright colors on a deep black high gloss background to create a striking visual impact. The elephant, adorned in disco attire, exudes energy and vitality, capturing the essence of movement and emotion through its posture and expression.

The intricate 3D lines add depth and complexity, allowing viewers to see the dynamic emotions that surge through the subject’s face and body. Presented in a black woodgrain deep box frame, "Trunky" is more than just a piece of art; it's a statement piece that stands out in any environment.

The combination of Zalini's unique technique and the vibrant colour palette ensures that this artwork will captivate and engage viewers, making it a standout addition to any collection.Experience the magic of "Trunky" by Zalini, where the worlds of nature and human emotion beautifully intertwine. This extraordinary piece not only showcases the artist's mastery and innovative spirit but also invites viewers to explore the rich tapestry of feelings and stories within

With his signature use of syringes, the desire is to inject life into his art. Layer upon layer of paint creates a special depth to each piece making them totally unique pieces of art.


32" x 35" Framed

*All dimensions are approximate

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